GREGORY B. STRONG, MA, PC (5), BFA Aoyama University, English Department
4-4-25 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
TOKYO 150-8366, JAPAN
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Specialized in program administration, curriculum development, and teacher education for English for Academic Purposes in colleges and universities in Canada, China, and Japan.

  • Selected by Aoyama Gakuin University for 2014 Computer Center Plagiarism Project, and 2011 Faculty Development project grant on Innovations in Language Teaching, 2002 Investigations into Grammar and Linguistics
  • Co-edited 2009 volume Adult Language Learners: Context and Innovation for TESOL Classroom Practice series.
  • “Developing Discussion Tasks for the EFL Classroom” chosen as the best chapter JALT presentation in Shizuoka for 2009.   
  • President of the Association of Canadian Teachers of Japan and co-organizer of  three conferences and a Canadian cultural education day, 2003-2005, executive member from 1998-2002. 
  • Received the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs Canadian Studies faculty enrichment grant in 2000, and 2005.  
  • Served as an Oral Language and Writing Examiner and Trainer with the University of Cambridge Local Examination Service, and International English Language Testing System.  
  • Selected as a Learning Materials Editor and Course Writer for the B.C. Ministry of Education. Earned B.C. Professional Teachers Certificate, Level 5, and B.C. Teachers of English, Additional Language Professional Achievement Certificate Level IV.
  • Awarded the Helen Badenoch Scholarship for Non-fiction, University of British Columbia, 1978. 


1. Professor, EFL, Program Coordinator, English Department
    Aoyama University, Shibuya, 1993 to present

     One of two TEFL specialists directing an integrated language skills program for 650 first and second year students at a major Tokyo university with an enrolment of 10,000 students. Course writer for a curriculum emphasizing a communicative classroom and the development of cognitive skills in reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Organized staff meetings, teacher training, and curriculum implementation workshops, in addition to recruitment and interviewing of new part-time teachers. Co-ordinated the schedules of 25 part-time foreign teachers and 10 Japanese instructors in Day School programs. Taught research essay writing to freshmen and sophomore Japanese students and created courses on film, cross-cultural communications, and Canadian Studies. Presented testing workshops for the Japan Association of Language Teachers, the University of Cambridge Local Testing Syndicate, the Association of Canadian Teachers in Japan, the B.C. Teachers of English as an Additional Language.

2. Teacher Trainer, EFL Instructor, Test Administrator
    Canada-China Language Centre, Beijing Normal University
    Beijing, People's Republic of China

    February 1991 to January 1993

     Selected for an $11.3 million Canadian International Development Assistance (CIDA) project administered by St. Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Introduced communicative methodology in EFL instruction at a key university and teacher training facility in China. Chaired skill teams in reading and speaking and taught academics, administrators and engineers from across China. Provided in-service teacher training and co-ordinated video programming for adult learners. Devised techniques for small group work in a language laboratory. Managed a satellite language training facility in a remote university in Sichuan province. Assisted in the administration of the CANTest of English for Scholars and Trainees.

3. EFL Instructor, Douglas College, Foundations Division

    Douglas College, New Westminster, B.C.,

    January 1990 to September 1990

    Taught English for Academic Purposes to immigrant and international students at the beginner and intermediate level of speaking, reading, and writing. Created an English immersion course and cross-cultural activities including fieldtrips and guest speakers for summer language program. Established computer student record-keeping and marks management. Implemented computer-assisted instruction in student writing.

4. Chairperson, English Department, YMCA International College

    North Shore YMCA, West Vancouver, B.C.,

    August 1984 to September 1989 

Co-ordinated English courses in a high school matriculation program for ESL students and in a language immersion program for Japanese students. Organized in-service teacher instruction in the writing process and in small group work across the curriculum. Collated teaching resources and wrote curriculum guides for language instruction in content areas such as Consumer Education 12, Composition 11, and History 12. Served on the English 12 Provincial Examination Assessment Committee. Organized college cross-cultural activities, and recreational activities.

5. Secondary School Language Arts Teacher

    Greater Vancouver area    

    (Tsawassen, Vancouver, North, West Vancouver)

    January 1980 to August 1984

Taught English 11, and 12, as well as English Literature courses to scholarship students. Developed summer school remedial courses and ESL programs. Designed provincial examination workshops. Conceived a creative drama program for junior secondary students. Edited a student newspaper. Produced student dramas for mini-arts festivals. Participated in the innovative Writing 44 program in North Vancouver and in holistic assessments of student writing.



Presented over 100 papers and workshops in curriculum development, language testing, academic listening, teacher evaluation, communicative teaching, listening and reading strategies, Canadian Studies, using video in the classroom, and travel at TESOL International, the Japan Association of Language Teachers, Association of Canadian Teachers of Japan, the Tokyo English Language Book Fair, and B.C. TEAL among other venues. Edited provincial curriculum guides for the B.C. Ministry of Education on computer science, physics, art, and stagecraft. Composed a biography, and many features, news articles, and stories for Canadian, U.S., British , and Japanese publications, including chapters for TESOL education series. Provided more than 60 commentaries and reviews for CBC and CFRO community radio stations in Vancouver. Artistic director and performer for a summer children’s theatre troupe. Researched computer-assisted learning, and effective classroom practices in teaching writing. Edited a university arts review with a circulation of 25,000 and contributed 50 reviews and features. Awarded the Helen Badenoch Scholarship for writing achievements as an undergraduate.



Master of Arts, Centre for Curriculum Studies and Design, 1990

Professional Teaching Certification, English and Drama, 1979

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Creative Writing, 1978 University of British Columbia



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